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Brand name: Viagra
Active ingredient: Sildenafil citrate
Indian brand name: Viprofil-100
Manufacturer: Vipro LifeScience, India
Active substance content: 100 mg
Packaging: Blister pack of 10 tablets
Effect: Increases erection, improves potency
Duration of exposure: 4-6 hours
Exposure speed: from 30 min.
Features: Incompatibility with alcohol
Expiration date: 2020 October
Availability: Available

Generic VIAGRA 100 mg (Viprofil-100) – effective enhancement of male potency

We present another generic of the famous drug from the Indian medical company Vipro LifeScience. This company is quite famous in the international market of generic drugs and their preparations are characterized by reliability, efficiency and safety, which is confirmed by numerous international certificates.

So, the new high-quality generic drug Viagra-Viprofil-100 perfectly helps to solve the problem of male erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug contains 100 mg of Sildenafil. This is the maximum active substance to be taken at a time. If you need a smaller dose, divide the generic Viagra pill into several parts. The number of tablets in a blister pack-10 pieces.

Viprofil 100 mg, as well as other means containing Sildenafil citrate, for example Eregra 100 produced by Emkay Corporation (India), begins its action on the body, approximately, in half an hour. The duration of the effect is 4-6 hours, and this, in 99% of cases, is enough to get pleasure from sexual contact. By the end of the exposure period, the effect of generic Viagra gradually decreases and disappears.

The drug has confirmed its effectiveness at various degrees of libido weakening and affects any ed disorders, both physiological and psychological.It will be useful for men who do not suffer from potency disorders, but only want to get new, vivid impressions and emotions from sexual life.

Generic Viagra 100 mg at the price of 80 RUB. it is possible to order the online pharmacy Erectors with postal delivery to all regions of Russia. Guaranteed quality medications, low prices, complete privacy and prompt delivery.

Also, we offer you to pay attention to the soft drug Viagra Soft 100mg produced by the Indian company Aurochem Labs and compatible with alcoholic beverages and fatty foods.
Main advantage

the drug begins to act after 35-40 minutes;
the drug acts more than 4-6 hours;
increases the sensitivity of the penis and stimulates orgasm;
effective for most men.

Dosage and use of the drug

In most cases, it is recommended to take no more than 50 mg of generic a day. The content of the active ingredient in Viprofil-100 about 100 mg (in the preparation Aurogra-100 similar), so you should divide the tablet into parts.

Under normal reaction of the body, the dosage can be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg. it is Recommended to take the drug more than 1 time during the day. The effect of the impact will be felt only with sexual stimulation. It is not recommended to exceed the daily rate of 100 mg.
Side effects means

Usually the drug is well tolerated by the body, but occasionally the following side effects may occur:

slight pain in the temples or the back of the head, increased heartbeat, blood flow to the face;
dizziness, change in light sensitivity and color perception, blurred vision;
nasal congestion or rhinitis;
dyspepsia (very rare).

Side effects usually occur when the dosage is exceeded or when the time between doses is shortened.
Term and place of storage

The shelf life of the drug is marked on the blister.The storage area should be dark and cool.