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Medical preparation Vikalis – Vikalis) — the cheapest analogue of Viagra, containing the same active ingredient-sildenafil, in gelatin capsules. Vikalis is an effective means to increase male potency, helps with erectile dysfunction and stimulates a normal healthy male erection.

The drug is available in capsules of gelatin, which dissolve in the digestive system faster than conventional tablets. The active substance in the tablets – sildenafil. The price of the drug is cheaper than the inflated cost of the viagra brand. If you have problems with erection and you want to buy viagra cheap – Vikalis is an excellent solution.
Action Of Vikalis

Thanks to the pills Vikalis increases blood flow into the cavernous body of the penis. This has a positive effect on the male erection. The drug works for 4-6 hours after administration. It is recommended to take at least half an hour before the intended sexual intercourse.

The recommended dose – no more than 100 mg per day (one tablet). A distinctive feature of the drug-it can be taken even with very fatty foods. On absorption into the blood and a positive effect on erectile function it will not have.
Contraindications to Sildenafil

Not recommended for people with individual intolerance to the constituent substances of the drug and having:

kidney and liver disease;
congenital and acquired vision problems;
diseases that cause limitations in physical activity;
heart disease, strokes and heart attacks;
diseases of the vascular system, persons suffering from high blood pressure.

Side effects of Vikalis.

The drug does not have a wide range of side effects. They are usually little or no at all. It all depends on the individual intolerance of the body and allergic reactions to the component of viagra in capsules.

redness of the skin of the face, a strong rush of blood;
there may be a headache;
rare cases of side effects-nasal sinus congestion, symptoms as in rhinitis;
disorder of the digestive system;
violation of the chair, often expressed in diarrhea;
there may be a short – term visual impairment, at least-poor perception of colors and shades.