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Valif 20 mg is a brand of Ajanta Pharma, which is very popular all over the world. It is known that all products are produced of very high quality, and the body is very easy and safe. The drug contains an active substance called Vardenafil. Its effectiveness is so great that in a short period of time improvements are noticeable in cases where Viagra and Cialis did not help. He easily adjusts the potency of any nature: both psychological and physiological, with the degree of severity is not important to him. If in the next half an hour you plan to move to the vicinity-just drink one tablet. Be sure, you are waited by excellent sex for eight hours.

Vardenafil expands the vessels of the penis and cavernous bodies. Thus, it frees the way of blood. Blood circulation is stimulated and provides powerful blood flow, resulting in a high quality erection. Sexual intercourse is completed and the cavernous bodies with the vessels of the penis begin to shrink again, so it leaves the blood. PDE-5 is a substance that is produced in the body until the ejaculation. It is the driver of this compression. Vardenafil slows down the movement of its performance, stretching sexual arousal, which means sexual intercourse.

Generic Valif 20 mg has an optimized dose of Vardenafil. It guarantees noticeable improvements in potency, overcoming problems in its violation. If you just need to be safe from the possibility of failure or if you want to improve the quality of sexual intercourse – the whole pill will be a lot, it is enough to take half.

Release form, active substance:

Valif 20 mg-a standard form of tablets, coated on top of the shell has a bright yellow color. Both sides are different for more convenient use. One side is a description of the dosage, and on the other side you can see the bands that help to break it easily by reducing the dose of Vardenafil. The usual standard blister of 10 tablets.

Strong erection occurs when the body is relaxed and the sexual organ improves blood circulation. Vardenafil increases the hypogenic effect of nitric oxide, and also has an impact on the reactions of chemical origin, which occur with sexual attraction.

Vardenafil is referred to selection inhibitors of PDE-5 type. It is a major part of the chemical formula. Improvements after taking Vilitra appears due to the combined effects of 2 factors:

When sexual arousal occurs, nitric oxide is released from the cavernous bodies, namely the nerve endings of the penis, which activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase.
Vardenafil does not allow the enzyme PDE to be released, which cleaves guanylate cyclase, and helps to maintain the maximum amount of nitric oxide. This increases its work in the cavernous bodies of the penis, maintaining a sufficient amount of erection in order to have sexual intercourse.

Valif tablets are not stimulants, their use with softness affects the biological processes that occur in the male body. This helps to develop and maintain an adequate erection. 20 mg of Vardenafil is a sufficient portion for a day, which is necessary for most patients. Carry out the order Vilitra 20 can any man who wants to improve their sexual function. With this drug, you will be able to control the erection, because it will occur only after taking the pill and begin to act during sexual attraction.

Before taking pills Vilitra, in any case, you need to go to the doctor for advice. It is possible to note such positive qualities of generic Levitra Vilitra:

easy action;
excellent result, which is valid for 6 hours;
very little risk of side effects;
minimum number of contraindications;
possible reception with food and alcohol.

Storage conditions and shelf life:

Tablets should be stored in a dry place, where direct sunlight does not fall, at a temperature of +5 to +30C. It is very important that children and animals do not have access to the medicine – this entails dangerous consequences. Women can not take Vardenafil drugs, because they are intended only for adult men.

When ordering Valif-20, make sure you can comply with the correct conditions for storing tablets. Pills that are not stored according to the rules described in detail on the package, it is forbidden to take.

Production date and shelf life are indicated on the package. Three years-a guaranteed shelf life specified by the manufacturer specifically for drugs of this group.


the appearance of a stable erection in 20-40 minutes;
maintaining the effect for 6 hours;
alcohol in moderation;