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Instructions for use Megalis (Viagra + DULOXETINE)
The drug Megalis refers to a new generation of drugs and differs from conventional means, successfully coping with sexual disorders in men of different origins, a comprehensive approach and low cost, so the price Of filagra DHT, is the most affordable of similar drugs that can be purchased in pharmacies of the city. Manufacturer of Fortune Health Care (India). The basis of the drug is not one, as in conventional means, but two components.

The composition of Megalis
The first substance in Megalis is sildenafil, which is the base of the familiar to many generic viagra, the most powerful drug from the group of selective inhibitors of PDE5, able to cope with any forms of male impotence, increasing the blood flow to the sexual organ. The second substance — DULOXETINE, this drug is from the group of antidepressants, but its combination in this drug is not to relieve you from the oppressive mood, and the most comfortable and natural to extend your sexual contact and eliminate forced ejaculation.
The main mechanism of action of Sildenafil is based on the inhibition of FED5 and the corresponding blocking of cGMP, which in turn accelerates the synthesis of nitric oxide, this is what triggers the productive mechanism of selective expansion of the penis arterioles and acceleration of blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. With the appearance of sex drive – it is a prerequisite for the successful action of the drug.
DULOXETINE-a traditional long-successfully used antidepressant, which has long been used as an effective tool in the fight against forced ejaculation in men. Therefore, to buy Megalis, it means profitable to cope not with one disease, but with three at once: to improve mood, prevent early ejaculation and provide a natural and maximum quality erection.
The main advantages of Megalis

A successful combination of two components that can enhance the effect of each other;

The drug is effective in all types of male impotence;

Eliminates forced ejaculation;

Fast onset of results;

Generic Megalis price is several orders of magnitude lower than analogues sold in retail pharmacy chains;

The positive effect of more than 10 hours;

In addition to the direct purpose of productive uplifting, increasing libido.

Of course, this is primarily men in the age group strictly from 18 years and up to 75 years, which for various reasons periodically have problems not only with potency, but also with premature ejaculation.
Of course, Yes, this drug Megalis and he, like other drugs has its limitations and restrictions on compatibility with other drugs. Consultation can be obtained from a wide range of specialists, ranging from your district or cardiologist to a sex therapist, andrologist or urologist. All of them are well aware of all the actions and possible limitations to taking the drug.
It is recommended to start using the product with half the dose, the maximum you can take only one tablet a day. It is advisable to buy Megalis 100/30 mg and consume 40-60 minutes before the intended sexual contact. The duration of the drug on average 5-6 hours, in some cases can reach 10 hours.
Possible limitations to receiving Megalis

The main limitation of Megalis will not be compatibility with other drugs containing nitrates, means used for the treatment of hypertension. Simultaneous reception of these funds leads to a hypertensive crisis, which will be very problematic to stop;

In case of individual intolerance to one of the components of the drug;

If you have severe forms of heart failure, myocardial infarction, stroke and severe forms of arrhythmia, it is not recommended to take the drug;

Severe liver and kidney pathology;

Blood disease.

The drug Megalis is the latest pharmaceutical development, so you can be sure of its safety and the minimum possible side effects. The tool is not intended for excitation, it is a drug of direct action aimed at providing a natural and high-quality erection, as well as preventing early ejaculation. The drug has no effect on the characteristics of sperm, hormonal background or CNS, so it can cause only mild transient side effects. The most common are dyspeptic disorders, headache and allergic rhinitis.

The preparation Megalis 100/30 mg is the latest development in the field of unique drugs that combine two productive functions at the same time, effectively defeats any sexual dysfunction and prolongs sexual contact, with the possibility of excluding early ejaculation.