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It is believed that the” originals “should be opposed to” fake, falsified ” drug. But with regards to generics is inappropriate. They are the same original products, they are produced in strict accordance with international quality standards (GMP). According to their pharmacological properties generics drugs can replace the original drug.

How does an analog drug appear in the world? The development of an original Eregra requires many years, huge financial investments and the involvement of skilled workers. After development, it takes a few more years to implement and obtain a patent. After the expiration of the patent protection period, pharmaceutical companies have the right to reproduce the drug, and the generic is born. Generic drugs become available for circulation after the term of protection of the patent of their progenitor expires.

In order for the drug not to cause harm to health, it must be tested and tested. Replacing the original with generic is accompanied by full confidence that such a drug is the absolute equivalent of the original. This confidence gives us the generic manufacturers that control the quality at every stage of manufacture and secured a job in the certificates of quality on generic products.
Generic Cialis 20 mg Tadalafil tadalafil For the production of generic drugs uses the same active ingredient as for branded original drugs.
It should be noted that:

– Production of generic drugs (including ed group) in comparison with the patented prototype requires much lower “research” costs.
– The cost of promotion of generics (advertising) is also minimized, as generic drugs immediately become known to a wide range of people after the promotion and implementation of the original sample in the masses.

Thus, the cost of generics with the General coincidence of pharmaceutical medicinal properties, also in composition (the same active substances in the preparations), pleasantly pleases Russian buyers.

This is the most important and undoubted advantages of generics. For example, the average price of generics in the Russian retail market is several tens of rubles. It is much cheaper than the original drugs. Thus, analogues are not inferior to the originals in quality, but their purchase is considered to be economical.
What are generics and how are they different from the brand known to the whole civilized world.

This, by the way, applies not only to improving the potency of drugs. The dynamic development of the market of drugs-analogues is quite natural. Reducing the cost of advertising, research, and obtaining patents and permits, pharmaceutical companies focused on increasing the pace of production and the introduction of new technologies. In order for sales to grow effectively, it was necessary to use some marketing moves.

One of these moves is – the invention of new types of generics group ED. The action of which was slightly different from each other:

the speed of onset of effect
by the duration of its action

Thus, developed generics of Eregra were added to the viagra generics. Now each buyer to find and choose the most optimal drug has become easier and more economical.

If you are at a crossroads when choosing – the original branded drug or its generic. If you are deterred by the high cost of the brand or the unknown analogue (generic):
Online Pharmacy Pharmacist offers to evaluate the benefits of generics:

Available for all categories of citizens due to its low price;
The doctor has an alternative: to prescribe an expensive branded drug to the patient or to limit himself to an inexpensive analogue
The patient accordingly has the right to choose;
Generics are as safe (the same side effects) and effective as their original ” brands»;
The demand for generics in pharmacies and online stores is very high.