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Erectile dysfunction, previously considered a serious medical problem, has ceased to be such today. This was due to the creation of a number of drugs that are successfully used for its treatment (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra), as well as their full analogues – generics. Generics are medicines which are completely identical to original preparations on the structure and influence on an organism and differ from them only manufacturing firm, and also reasonable price.
Aurogra-100 – proven drug for years to increase potency

The effectiveness of Aurogra-100 to increase potency is due to sildenafil citrate, which is the active ingredient of this drug. Sildenafil citrate, absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, enters the systemic circulation, which reaches the smooth muscle cells of the penis. When a man has sexual arousal, this substance “helps” nitric oxide to expand the vessels of the penis and increase blood flow to it. Due to this, there is a powerful erection that allows a man to perform sexual intercourse. The undeniable advantage of Aurogra-100 is the absence of the risk of spontaneous erections after taking the drug, what you can see for yourself by reading the reviews of men about these tablets.

Buy Aurogra-100 at an affordable price can be online by ordering the drug in our online pharmacy. To do this, you need to fill out the order form posted on our website or call us (only for residents of Moscow). We will quickly process your order and deliver it to you as soon as possible. More information about the method of ordering, payment and delivery of the goods you can read in the relevant section of our website.
General characteristics of the tablets of Aurogra-100

Aurogra-100 is a tablet manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical giant Aurochem Laboratories. Tablets have a standard diamond shape, protected by a film shell and are available in transparent blisters. The composition of tablets Aurogra-100 includes a standard daily dose of sildenafil citrate, amounting to 100 mg. sale of Aurogra-100 in our online pharmacy is carried out without a prescription.

Tablets Aurogra-100 take on an empty stomach, an hour before sexual intercourse, without chewing. Their effect is developing after 50 minutes after consumption and lasts for 4 to 5 hours. The drug is strictly forbidden to combine with the use of beverages containing alcohol, as this can cause a drop in blood pressure and the development of life-threatening complications.

Before you buy Aurogra-100 consult your doctor, as the drug is incompatible with a number of drugs and is contraindicated in some diseases.

Tablets Aurogra-100 can not be combined with the treatment of antiretroviral drugs, ketoconazole, erythromycin, organic nitrates, alpha-blockers and nicorandil.

You should not take remedy to persons suffering from severe disorders of the heart and great vessels, allergic to sildenafil, decompensated renal and hepatic disorders, priapism.

After taking the tablets, sometimes blurred vision, color vision, redness of the face, headache and dizziness may occur. These phenomena usually take place independently after the termination of the drug.

Aurogra-100 is a highly effective, proven by millions of men means to increase potency, which will give you and your partner unforgettable moments of sexual pleasure.
AUROGRA-100 is produced by the Indian pharmacological company Aurochem. AUROGRA is an analogue of the drug Malegra-100 and also contains 100 mg of the active substance Sildenafil citrate. This drug has long been used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The food and drug administration (FDA) in the United States has recognized the drug as safe to use.


The recommended dose of Aurogra-100 is 100 mg or 1 tablet.
It is not recommended to take more than one generic tablet for 14 hours.
When used, the drug should be washed down with one glass of water. Do not drink the drug with alcohol or any citrus juice.
It is recommended to use generic on an empty stomach to increase the speed and quality of its absorption.

Side effect

Possible side effects, characteristic of the Aura are: nausea, hyperemia of the face, dizziness, headache, a rule, they are not very significant and do not require any medical intervention and soon pass by themselves.