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Alsigra is an analogue of viagra, which is not inferior to It in quality and efficiency. The main active ingredient of the drug is Sildenafil Citrate (Sildenafil Citrate). This component, penetrating into the blood, has a vasodilating effect, it stimulates blood circulation in the sexual organ. Due to this, during the excitation there is a persistent erection, which is characterized by a special density and elasticity.
The inability of a man to lead a regular sexual life has an extremely negative impact on his psycho-emotional state, physical health, performance and relationships with a sexual partner. Often the cause of sexual dysfunction is erectile dysfunction, which is expressed in the absence or weak erection. To enjoy intimacy with a woman again and be confident in their abilities, men resort to the help of special drugs that guarantee a stable and long erection.

The combination of the quality of the drug Alsigra, prices and results after its use leave no doubt about the high efficiency and effectiveness of the tool. Many men prefer only this product, trusting him with their health and masculine strength.

Action of preparation

The drug Alsigra should be bought by couples who prefer prolonged sexual acts, during which both partners can orgasm several times. Due to the fact that the main active substance is enclosed in easily soluble gelatin capsules, there is a rapid absorption of the drug and an accelerated onset of its action.

Reception Alsigra is carried out on 1 capsule a day for 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The duration of the drug ranges from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the individual sensitivity of the body to the main active ingredient. The drug is not recommended to be combined with the intake of alcoholic beverages, as this may adversely affect the effect of the drug. The choice of food men is not limited and does not affect the results of the application. Taking more than one capsule per day is strictly prohibited.

Being under the action of the drug Alsigra for potency and experiencing sexual arousal, there is a release of nitric oxide in the cavernous bodies of the male genital organ, which contributes to abundant blood flow and persistent erection.

To enhance the effect of the drug, some experts allow the use of drugs that increase the concentration of the drug in the blood plasma, as well as slow its excretion from the body. Due to this, the effect of taking Alsigra lasts longer than under normal conditions.

Advantages of the drug

Unlike many stimulant drugs, Alsigra for men does not provoke an arbitrary erection, but only enhances the natural excitement. Other positive aspects of the drug are:

1. Fast digestibility. The active substance of the drug is enclosed in gelatin capsules, which are rapidly broken down in the body, delivering the active components of the drug to the blood.

2. The duration of the drug. Manufacturers point out that Alsigra supports the ability of a man to have sexual intercourse for 6 hours. For this amount of time a man can give a woman an unforgettable experience.

3. Ease of use. Capsules with the drug do not have a pronounced taste, have a convenient shape and size.

The undoubted advantage of the tool is its ability to effectively eliminate any problems associated with erectile dysfunction. It can be premature ejaculation and short sexual intercourse, fast fatigue of the partner during sex, absence or insufficient erection for sexual intercourse.

Contraindications and side effects

Any medication should be taken after consultation with a specialist. If this is not possible, you should carefully read the contraindications and a list of side effects that are available in a particular tool.

In the instructions attached to the drug Alsigra manufacturer indicates the following contraindications for use:

the presence of various cardiovascular pathologies, recent heart attack or stroke
hypotension (low blood pressure)
individual intolerance to the active substance of the drug (sildenafil citrate)
the presence of chronic or acute diseases in which any physical activity is highly undesirable or prohibited
kidney and liver diseases
pathology of the organs of vision

During clinical studies, most men had a good tolerability of the drug. However, the appearance of side effects is not excluded. The most common negative reactions from the body are:

redness of the skin and slight itching
a sharp rush of blood to the face
dizziness and temporary visual impairment
nausea, vomiting, upset his chair
increased heart rate

As a rule, all these side effects are temporary and pass without additional medical intervention. It is enough to drink more and monitor the change in the state of men. If for a long time there is no improvement, you should seek qualified help.

The drug Alsigra should be ordered for men experiencing sexual impotence due to age-related changes, underwent surgery or due to a permanent state of fatigue and depression.

The drug Alsigra buy is recommended to strengthen the erection, which occurs in response to the natural excitement of men. The drug does not cause spontaneous erection, but only supports the male sexual organ in an erect state during sexual intercourse. Therefore, the reception means does not bring inconvenience to the man or discomfort in everyday life.